PANOPTICA – Ojala (single) – Digital Download



One of the key figures in the Mexican electronic scene since the late 80s, Roberto  A. Mendoza (aka Panoptica) got famous for starting bands like electro pos-industrial outfit Artefakto and taking part in the Tijuana-based norteña-meets-techno Nortec Collective later in the 90’s, topping charts with the Album Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3, nominated for two Latin Grammys for “Best Alternative Music Album” and “Best Recording Package”

Roberto later founded the “Panoptica Orchestra”, presenting a unique mix of Latin Brass, Electronica, Indie Mexican Pop, Fusion and a bit of Cumbia.
With the band Roberto recorded 2 albums and got massive global exposition, first Album was named one of the best records in 2010 by Rolling Stone Magazine and nominated for Independent Record of the year and best video clip by Indie-O Music Awards 2010.
Roberto has also been releasing tracks under the moniker Panoptica, getting noticed in Mexico and Europe pretty quickly also thanks to the UK DJ John Peel, who invited him to join one of the famous Peel Sessions for the BBC and later signing a deal with UK label Certificate 18 (Domino Records).

During the creation of his latest project for the Orchestra – a brand new live show for made of amazing choreographic sequences involving an entire dance troupe – Panoptica got back to his electronica roots and began working his upcoming EP titled “20/20”.

The new recording features 6 tracks all possessing their individuality yet sharing a clear experimental yet dancy feeling.

Traditional sounds get re-thinked, remixed and contaminated by modern electronics, connecting genres and traditions, pushing the music boundaries of the artist to new limits.

Panoptica keeps faith to his name and wants to show us that there is no tradition existing of its own accord. We shouldn’t think about it as a docile transmission of some dead deposit.

Instead, and always, tradition has to be embraced, cultivated, renovated – and sometimes – even forgotten.